International Offices

ZAG-S&W is a leading international law firm specializing in all areas of corporate and commercial law, and is recognized for its global presence in Israel, the United States, China and Europe.


From the beginning, ZAG-S&W’s dedication to excellence, innovative approach, entrepreneurial spirit and outstanding legal professionals have been providing our clients with comprehensive solutions and an unparalleled personal service at the domestic and international level.


This first-rate service fosters a loyalty in an extensive roster of clients, which includes Israeli and international private companies, public corporations, entrepreneurs, investors, funds and other business professionals. These clients regularly count on us for day-to-day legal advice as well as for their strategic corporate decisions as they push and expand into new and existing markets.


Our firm comprises international attorneys, proficient in many languages, with each attorrney deeply familiar with the local and Israeli laws as well as the cultural and business environment in which they operate.


ZAG-S&W is consistently ranked by local and international legal guides as a leading international law firm in all of our core practice areas, including supporting practice area groups.


US Offices


ZAG-S&W offices in Boston, New York City and Washington DC employ more than 200 Israeli and US attorneys with specific knowledge of Israeli and US law, as well as the various cultural and business aspects of both territories.


In recent years ZAG-S&W has led numerous debt and equity financing transactions of Israeli and US companies on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.


China Offices


ZAG-S&W has been active in China for over a decade, leading large and complex projects, including governmental projects, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.


The firm’s team in China includes Chinese and Israeli attorneys representing prominent Israeli and international companies, addressing all legal and commercial aspects of doing business in China and applying our profound understanding of Chinese business, culture and the regulatory environment.



Europe Offices


ZAG-S&W’s activity in Europe is conducted through the London offices, established by Sullivan & Worcester LLP, our partners in the international firm, which works closely with ZAG-S&W in Israel and the United States.


London is widely considered as the undisputed center for trade and export financing, and our London offices specialize in providing legal financial advice focused on these areas. Our attorneys in London specialize in commerce, banking, debentures, securities law, project finance, taxation and insurance, compliance problems and dispute resolution, and they advise clients with respect to their business activities around the world, with special emphasis on emerging markets in Africa, Asia, the Commonwealth and Latin America.